Continental Breakfast One Muffin, Coffee, Juice 6.00

Continental Breakfast  Two Bagels with cream cheese, Danish, fruits 7.00

Continental Breakfast Three  Cereal bar, scones, croissants 8.00

Breakfast One  Mini muffin, scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon 10.00

Breakfast Two  Fruits, Diced ham & eggs, potatoes w/bell peppers, onions & tomatoes 13.00

Breakfast Wrap with Salsa 6.00


Lunch One  Sandwich & Chips 6.00

Lunch Two  Sandwich, salad or fruit, cookie 8.00

LunchThree  Gourmet sandwich, pasta or potato salad, brownie, beverages 11.00

Lunch Four  Half Gourmet sandwich, Chef's homemade soup, tomato/cucumber/avocado salad 9.00

Lunch Five  Grilled chicken breast w/Chef's sauce, green salad w/dressing, red potatoes, sauteed mixed veggies 10.00

Lunch Six  Tri-tip, green salad w/dressing, pasta or potatoe salad, sauteed veggies, rolls & butter 13.00

Hors d'oeuvres

Veggies & dip Mini Sandwiches, fresh fruit, cheese & crackers 8.00

Sautéed Mushroom's Boudreaux, breads w/veggie spreads, chicken cordon bleu bites, pork skewers a la orange 11.00

Anti Pasta Tray  Baby Caesar salad w/shaved parmesan, pasta salad skewer, bread, tomato, mozzarella & basil 10.00

Asparagus Wrapped prosciutto, bread, roasted veggies, parmesan chicken mushroom marcella skewers, seafood & veggie skewer 12.00

Stuffed Cold Veggies Canapé or beef cheese & herb, shrimp cocktail, spicy chicken tostadas 12.00

Baby Stuffed Cold Potatoes Seafood cocktail shooters, Tri-tip sliders, buffalo style chicken bites 12.00

 *Ask about adding Appetizers, Beverage, & Deserts. 

* Feel free to Mix Menu's. 

* Prices are Per Person and Do Not Include CA. Sales Tax.

Specialty Meals

Lunch Five  Grilled chicken breast w/Chef's sauce, green salad w/dressing, red potatoes, sauteed mixed veggies 10.00

Lunch Six  Tri-tip, green salad w/dressing, pasta or potatoe salad, sauteed veggies, rolls & butter 13.00

Southwest  Fresh soft bread & butter, green salad tossed in spicy ranch or lime vinaigrette, select steak or chicken kabobs w/roasted pepper sauce, rice mixed w/corn, tomatoes & peas grilled seasonal vegetables 15.00

Cajun  Hot rolls & butter, green salad tossed w/citrus vinaigrette or Tabasco ranch dressing, chicken & sausage gumbo, red beans or seasonal vegetables, dirty rice or white rice 15.00

Southern Corn bread & honey butter, green salad tossed w/peach vinaigrette or ranch dressing, pecan crusted chicken w/creole, butter mashed potatoes, green seasonal vegetables 15.00

HawaiianSweet Hawaiian rolls & butter, tropical fruits, macaroni salad w/macadamia nuts, chicken & pineapple skewers, fried rice w/green onions & ham teriyaki stir fry vegetables 15.00

New Yorker Freshly baked dinner rolls & butter green salad tossed w/thousand island, New York Steak, twice baked potatoes, creamed spinach 25.00

California San Francisco Style Fresh sourdough bread & butter, baby mixed salad w/Chef's vinaigrette, steak topped w/crab & Cabernet sauce, stuffed twice baked potatoes, handpicked vegetables 25.00

California Two Individual salad hearts filled w/oranges, pine nuts & tomatoes topped w/ Chef's vinaigrette, petite seafood kabobs w/citrus herb sauce, petite chicken kabobs, pasta tossed in sun dried tomato sauce 15.00 

California Three Freshly baked dinner rolls & butter, iceberg wedge w/diced bacon, tomatoes & bleu, chicken served w/Chardonnay sauce, roasted herb potatoes or rice pilaf, vegetable medley 15.00

California Four Freshly baked dinner rolls & butter, romaine heart salad w/assorted dressings, Tri-Tip, roasted herb potatoes or olive oil cheese pasta, vegetable medley 15.00

BBQ One Potato salad, fruit salad, Portuguese beans, freshly baked bread & butter, Tri-Tip & Chicken 18.00

BBQ Two Corn bread & honey butter, potato salad, hearty beef & chili beans, BBQ skewers (sausage, chicken & shrimp), BBQ vegetables 20.00

Taste of Mexico One Chips & salsa, green salad tossed in cilantro w/lime vinaigrette or ranch, petite steak topped w/queso fresco, fajita style vegetables, red rice or pinto beans 15.00

Taste of Mexico Two Flour chips & salsa, cucumber, avocado & tomato salad, enchiladas (Chicken, Beef or Cheese), white rice w/peas or black beans, chipotle vegetable 15.00

Taste of Mexico Three Chips, Salsa, butter lettuce salad w/Jicama, apples & oranges, tossed w/lime vinaigrette, skewered shrimp w/tangy garlic honey mustard sauce, chicken w/avocado & green onions, stuffed roasted bell peppers, w/queso fresco, red rice with corn 15.00

Taste of Mexico Four Chips, Salsa & Guacamole, Spicy Shrimp Cocktail Shooters, Tropical Fruits w/Lime & Chili, Petite Halibut w/3 Color Pepper Sauce, Petite Steak w/Herb Butter, Green Chili Rice 15.00

Brazilian One Fresh baked bread & butter, green salad tossed in mango vinaigrette, Fiejoada (Meat & Black Bean Stew), steamed Rice, Farofa (Manioc Meal), 18.00 Brazilian TwoFresh baked bread & butter, bib lettuce w/tomato, cucumbers tossed in mango vinaigrette, petite ranchers Steak w/chimichurro Sauce, petite Halibut w/tropical fruit salsa, three color roasted potatoes, rio style vegetables 25.00

French  Baguettes & butter, mixed green salad w/pear vinaigrette, petite stuffed chicken Cordon Bleu roasted pork loin w/shallots w/Brandy, sauce whipped spiral potatoes, vegetables bundles 25.00

Italian One Foccacia bread & olive oil, baby mixed greens w/shaved parmesan, tossed w/honey balsamic vinaigrette, petite Steak w/mushroom Marcella Sauce, Petite Halibut or Cod, w/toasted pine nuts & basil butter, vegetable ratatouille pasta w/light tomato cream sauce 27.00

Italian Two Ciabatta bread & butter, Caesar salad asparagus, wrapped prosciutto lasagna (meat or vegetarian), roasted vegetables, polenta & a cheese 22.00 Italian Three Anti pasta trays, garlic bread tomato, basil & mozzarella salad, chicken stuffed w/Italian sausage & spinach, pasta Primavera bar w/choice of 2 sauces 25.00

Portuguese One Paposeco bread & butter, lettuce w/marinated tomato, cucumbers & Portuguese olives pork roast w/red wine port sauce, steamed potatoes w/parsley olive oil, green beans w/roasted tomatoes 18.00

Portuguese Two Sweet bread Paposeco & butter, Caldo Verde Soup (potato, sausage & kale), salt Cod cakes w/garlic lemon mayo, petite Steak w/red wine port sauce, green vegetables, Portuguese rice 25.00

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